Important Dates


Full text submission:            September 28, 2019

Notification of acceptance:  October 10, 2019

Final paper submission:      October 20, 2019

Conference venue:                November 03", 2019  


General Co-Chairs:

Pr. Kamel Boussafi (DZ)

Pr. Jean-Pierre Mathieu (FR)

Technical Co-Chairs:

Pr. Lalaoui Amor (DZ)

Dr. Hatti Mustapha (DZ)

Pr. Kamal Toumi (USA)

Pr. Rabah Arezki (USA)

Pr. Kaya Sid Ali Kamel (Mar)

Pr. Nadji Rahmania (FR)

Dr. Amina Chibani (DZ)

Dr. Valérie Billaudeau (FR)

Dr. Imène Belboula (DZ)

Pr. Khaldoun Dia-Eddine (SUI)

Dr. Omar Hemissi (DZ)

Pr. Christian Pihet (FR)

Dr. Hervé Christofol (FR)

Pr. Emmanuel Bioteau (FR)

Pr. Ermanno Celeste Tortia (ITA)

Pr. Florence Degravre  (BEL)

Pr. Nicolae Popa (ROM)

Pr. Radosveta Krestanova (BUL)

Pr. Ángel Pueyo Campos (ESP)


Dr. Zohir Melzi (DZ)


Prof. Hafsi Taieb (CAN)

The new technologies that are adopted or in adoption will undoubtedly lead in the next ten years to a radical upheaval at all levels. At the company level; it will undoubtedly push the limits of efficiency towards greater performance. At the direct environment level of the company; it allows us to rethink relations with the ecosystem and relations between large groups and start-ups. At the macroeconomic level, the state-enterprise relationship and the state-consumer relationship change. We will probably lead to less state and more governance. This relationship will increasingly call on new technology to manage its organs and functions. At the social level; the search for machine performance at the expense of human performance at both the state and enterprise levels will likely have important social consequences. At the regional level; another, and not the least, impact of new technology is the transformation of the nature of links at the regional level. Thus, the southern Mediterranean countries have invested heavily in basic infrastructure including qualifying and university training with an optical fiber network that covers the entire southern territory of the Mediterranean (as the case of Algeria for example), which is an extraordinary asset of technological emergence without necessarily going through economic emergence. So North-South partnerships of the Mediterranean are becoming more interesting.

This technological transformation will not be without consequences on the agreed paradigms. Other paradigms will emerge, and new issues will emerge, which challenges us to update our knowledge and challenge our already validated assumptions.

This symposium is a meeting place for researchers from both shores of the Mediterranean and whose main objective is to exchange our thoughts and theses with a view to channeling them into a technological hub whose task is to fuel more this reflection on the company-new technology synergy.

It is planned to publish a short list of revised and 
extended versions of presented papers with Springer
in a Series book (final approval pending)