The aim of the first symposium MS-ENTS'19 is, on the one hand, to continue a debate already begun in the Mediterranean basin in Seville in November 2018 on the prospects for social innovation (see "Beyond Imagination: A socially innovative Europe") is to generate a pioneering scientific debate around the theme of "synergies between social innovation and social technology" and raising awareness among social and society stakeholders to explore and exploit the opportunities presented by advanced application technologies that will solve, on a large scale, the major social challenges of our time.

The purpose of this meeting-debate on social and social-tech innovation synergy and its practical implication on social entrepreneurship is to address in a non-exhaustive way the following questions:

​- How to exploit the innumerable synergies between digital and social entrepreneurship?

​- Why social entrepreneurs are struggling to seize digital tools to develop their socially innovative projects?

​- What about their ability to integrate digital into the realization and development of these projects?

​- Can we build a SIC network in the southern shore of the Mediterranean that enhances actions in the field of social innovation and IT?

​- How can we combine the experiences of the countries of the north and south shores of the Mediterranean and reflect on the different opportunities offered by the new technology to cope with the various social scourges that the region has experienced in recent years? the problem of immigration. (See Topics )